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Transactions of IIWC

  1. The United States of America: The Making of its Constitution
  2. The History of Scientific Thought With Special Reference to Asia
  3. The Heroines of the Plays of Kalidasa
  4. World Peace arid Rabindranath Tagore
  5. The Concept of the United Nations: A Philosophical Analysis
  6. Yantras or Mechanical Contrivances in Ancient India
  7. The Social Play in Sanskrit
  8. The Life and Thought of Avicenna
  9. UNESCO and World Unity and Peace
  10. Leonardo Da Vinci: A Quincentenary Tribute
  11. Proposals Of World Federalists For United Nations Charter Revision
  12. The Religion Of Rabindranath
  13. Maimonides: The Conciliator Of Eastern And Western Thought
  14. Ardhanarisvara: Cola stone image in Nagesvarasvami Temple Kumbhakonam
  15. Narmadashankar: Poet Patriot Pioneer Prose-Writer
  16. Gautama Buddha The Incomparable Physician
  17. Recent Developments In Maternity And Child Welfare Services In India
  18. Early Indian Monasteries
  19. Reflections On Psychological Insecurity In Modern Man
  20. Hindu Sadhana
  21. Humanism And Universal Brotherhood
  22. India And The Yugoslavs: A Survey Of The Cultural Links
  23. Mysticism In Indian Philosophy
  24. The Phenomenology of the Indian Philosophical Systems
  25. Civilization At The Cross-Roads Of Destiny
  26. The Concept Of Culture
  27. Students’ Unrest In India
  28. Science And International Co-Operation
  29. Brain And The Dilemma Of Man
  30. The Role Of Culture In Industrial Society
  31. The Doctor’s Dilemma - Old And New
  32. Science At The Crossroads
  33. Chakra: The Symbol Of Dharma
  34. Indian Fine Arts: Folk Tradition And Westernization
  35. Indian Theories Of Beauty
  36. Biological Revolution and Human Welfare
  37. Islamic Theory Of Statehood
  38. The Aesthetics Of Ananda Coomaraswamy
  39. Language And Culture
  40. Disillusionment And Clarity
  41. Education For Social Change
  42. The Perennial Freshness Of The Upanishads
  43. Mysticism In “The Voice Of The Silence”
  44. Dynamics Of Indian Social Reform
  45. The Human Situation
  46. Bhavabhuti: A Brief Sketch Of Life and Works
  47. Reconstruction Of The Indian Home In The Modern Context
  48. Indian Culture And Earth Care: Facing Our Ecological Crisis
  49. Sir William Jones: Savant Extraordinary And Cultural Envoy
  50. Art And Its Relationship To Medicine
  51. Moving Into The 21St Century
  52. Tao Te Ching: The Classic Of The Way And Its Virtue
  53. Lam Rim Chen Mo: A Tibetan Classic On The Path Of Enlightenment
  54. The Qur’an
  55. Crisis In Indian Science And Possible Ways Out
  56. Manimekalai’s Renunciation
  57. Rig Veda And Its Importance
  58. Gods In Rigveda
  59. Philosophy Of Rigveda
  60. Art As Therapy
  61. Natural Life And Nature Cure
  62. Cultural Glimpses - An Overview
  63. Limits Of Science And Relevance Of Indian Thought
  64. Kabir: Mystic Or Maverick?
  65. Science And Civilization In Traditional Perspective
  66. Dharma All The Way
  67. Peace And Humanistic Culture
  68. Signs Of A Revolution In Science
  69. Human Bondage And Liberation
  70. Karma And Reincarnation In The West
  71. Why I Adore Gautama Buddha
  72. Human Rights And Development Policies
  73. Sat—Chit —Ananda In Greek And Indian Thought
  74. Development : Spirituality And Sustainability
  75. Holistic Development
  76. Invocation To The Yet Unrisen Sun
  77. Why Read Rig Veda
  78. India And The New Millennium
  79. Integral Yoga And The Scientific Method
  80. Let Us Confront World Culture
  81. Casteless Society: A Plea For A Social Revolution
  82. "Good Governance"
There is no Religion Higher Than Truth - सत्यात् नास्ति परो धर्मः